• October 18, 2022 9:04 am
  • Lagos

Potassium chloride (commonly referred to as muriate of potash or mop) is the most common potassium source used in agriculture, accounting for about 95% of all potash fertilizers used worldwide. mop has a high nutrient concentration and is therefore relatively price competitive with other forms of potassium. mop chemical composition moisture % by weight (maximum) – 0.5 %water soluble potash (as k2o) per cent by weight (minimum) – 60% sodium as nacl percent by weight (on dry basis) maximum – 3.5 % brand: tak agro imported from ukraine crops pastures, sugar cane, fruit trees, vegetables, and other field crops.


  • Category : AGRIC-BUSINESS


  • 50kg Bagging.
  • Imported grade.


Plot 10 Chief Tony Ofodile Close, Satellite Town Lagos ,102001,Lagos
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