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Safety Tips


Safety Tips
1* Do not make any inspection fee without seeing the seller/advertiser/poster and the Goods.
2* Only pay to make payment after you verify the Goods.
Ensure you meet the seller/poster/advertiser in an open location.
3* The seller/poster/advertiser does not represent igbetifarm.com and igbetifarm.com is not liable for any monetary transaction between you and the seller/poster/advertiser.
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These Goods consist of an advertisement by .. Igbetifarm only serves as a medium for the advertisement for these Goods and is not responsible for selling the Goods.

Goods descriptions and other information provided on our website platform are intended for information and marketing purposes. The seller/advertiser is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of Goods descriptions, while prospective buyers/consumers are to confirm via physical verification.

The Goods adverts and listings on our website platform do not constitute Goods particulars; these should be available directly from the seller/poster/advertiser marketing the Goods on igbetifarm.com. igbetifarm.com encourages you to carry out your due diligence. We shall not, in any way, be responsible for the individual actions of the Poster/seller/advertiser during relations with users, both off and on the igbetifarm.com website.